CPE made its first presentation at Goethe-Institut Addis Ababa

CPE had a sit down with a group of photographers to discuss the importance of critical dialogues about photography and photography institutions as well as informally announce the upcoming projects of the organization.

The meeting that was held at Goethe-Institut Addis Ababa on the 27th of February was led by German curator and researcher Katrin Peters – Klaphake along with Zelalem Gizachew and Maheder Haileselassie each presenting on their recent photography trips to Nigeria and South Africa respectively.

Zelalem briefly discussed his account of the trip to Nigeria where he represented Ethiopia for the first time in a meeting organized by Centers for Learning of Photography in Africa (CLPA). Knowledge production of Photography in Africa and Funding in Africa being the main themes, the concept of producing counter narratives and the complication of funding were discussed and argued upon.

Maheder also presented the output of the Professional Networking Programme with Photo: in Johannesburg and introduced the mission of CPE (Center for Photography in Ethiopia) and broke down the list of projects that will be launched until the end of June 2018.

Following the presentations, the participants, ranging from beginner to more advanced photographers, discussed the lack of visual literacy and critical thinking in the industry in Ethiopia with giving emphasis to the importance of training as a tool of skill enhancement for Ethiopian photographers.

CPE also expressed hope for arranging more similar meetings that will involve the community of photographers in Ethiopia.


CPE Workshop #1: Applications now closed.

A growing number of emerging photographers in Ethiopia benefit from having their portfolios reviewed by experts from time to time.

However, these supports usually come after the “completion” of the work and there’s little room left for the photographers to learn before & during an implementation phase of a photography project.

Accordingly, the first workshop of our annual schedule is designed to link photographers with experts that will provide support at the beginning stage i.e. developing critical project concepts, implementation mechanisms followed by editing & sequencing of project images ending with a public session where a selection of few participants will present their work.

Additionally, participants will also be introduced to the history and practice of Ethiopian & African photography and critical skills of research.

The Experts:

The workshop will be led by Katrin Peter’s Klaphake, a curator and a researcher originally from Germany and Mulugeta Ayene, a photojournalist for Associated Press (AP) based in Addis Ababa.


CPE Workshop #2: Applications now closed!

The Photograph Archival and Community Project want to inspire discussion and awareness of Addis Ababas’ histories and futures. By looking at architectural archive materials and photography archives, contemporary images of our cities can be understood in wider contexts. The Project hopes to engage photographers around these ideas. Participants will look at personal archives and social media images as a starting point to understand how we make place and cities. Participants will learn to contextualize images of space and place within historical, social and political understandings. Further participants will photograph, learn to copy archival materials with their mobile phones. Participants will consider different public sites for the installation of their work in a way to transform architecture.

The Expert:

The workshop will be led by John Fleetwood who is the director of Photo: a platform that curates and commissions photography projects, especially working with emerging photographers. From 2002 to 2015, he was the head of the Market Photo Workshop, a school, gallery and project space.