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Applications now Closed! - CPE Workshop #4: Training and Mentorship Project

Looking back at history and thinking of the visual space that Ethiopia occupied in the minds of many, one can see the urgency and importance of letting young photographers develop and tell their own stories. Although the photography medium has not been very popular in the country, more and more youth are now practicing it. Through your new voices, we believe that history can be rewritten, boundaries can be pushed and contemporary dialogues created.

Through your stories, we hope to look into the concept of memory, identity, history, archives and architecture. The objective of your work can be to inform, to provoke, to create dialogues, to question or to respond but whatever it is that you have in mind; this mentorship will be a good time to try and express it through photography.

Mentorship format:

The mentorship involves 9 half day meeting sessions in 3 months with Michael Tsegaye, an established Ethiopian photographer. The sessions will involve both individual and group meetings. Participants are strictly required to follow the schedule and work on their respective stories.

At the end of the mentorship and hopefully an additional mentorship program, a selected number of photographers with a strong body of work will be given a chance to be exhibited in Germany in May 2018. (Please understand that we are still working on this and hence nothing is promised yet.)


Applications are now closed!

Submission Requirements:

  1. a) 15 -20 photos in total from one/two body of works long with a description of the work/works of max 300 words.
  • Body of work/works shall be put in separate folder named in the format Your name_CPE Workshop
  • Each image should not be greater than 1MB. (Make sure it has good computer viewing quality though)
  • Images should be in .jpg format
  • Project idea/ Photo story proposal (200 words maximum). A maximum number of three different stories can be submitted.
  1. b) A  short biography containing the following details
  • Contact detail
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Website (if available)
  • Current Occupation/Living
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Previous Photography trainings taken if any including CPE Workshops
  • Website links to published/unpublished works, if any
  • Publications if any

We wish you the best of luck!

Please note: Due to the number of applications we receive and the limited number of human resources we have, we may not confirm the receiving of your application immediately or inform you of the selected applicants at the end.

(CPE is part of the Creative Futures Program that is funded by the European Union through Goethe Institut. Partners include British Council and Iceaddis.)